Student Quotes

  • "St. Mary's School is phenomenal because everybody is friendly and they care about each other. St. Mary's is awesome because we learn, we play, and you have fun activities to do like research reports and go to math club and reading buddies."
    4th grade Student

  • "I love St. Mary's because Jesus is in my heart. I learn how to read. I meet new friends and the teachers care about me."
    Kindergarten Student

  • "We get one to one attention. We learn to never give up, we always try our best."
    2/3 Multiage Student


  • Knights of Columbus weekly Monday Night BINGO at 7:00PM!

Physical Examinations & Health Records

Physical Examinations

State law requires that students in Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten (if the student didn't attend our Pre-K program), Second Grade, Fourth Grade and transfer students receive a physical exam sometime during the school year. The school physician or the physician's assistant conducts the exam.

If a parent prefers that the family physician perform the physical exam of the child, the parent is to notify the office in writing and then notify the school of the results of that exam. Also, all students who are new in the district will be required to have a physical exam.


Health Records  

*Health Form*

Immunization records and a copy of a birth certificate must be kept on file for each student. The school nurse from Banford School in Canton checks these records. Questions about immunications, etc. may be directed at her.


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