Student Quotes

  • "St. Mary's School is phenomenal because everybody is friendly and they care about each other. St. Mary's is awesome because we learn, we play, and you have fun activities to do like research reports and go to math club and reading buddies."
    4th grade Student

  • "I love St. Mary's because Jesus is in my heart. I learn how to read. I meet new friends and the teachers care about me."
    Kindergarten Student

  • "We get one to one attention. We learn to never give up, we always try our best."
    2/3 Multiage Student


  • Knights of Columbus weekly Monday Night BINGO at 7:00PM!

St. Mary's School Classrooms

Class Schedule Grades K - 6: 

Students may arrive after 7:30 AM.

7:55 AM - Gathering time for lunch count, notes from home, etc.                     
8:00 AM -  Bell, Morning Announcements, Opening Prayer & Attendance; classes begin
10:30 - 11:50 AM - Lunch in scheduled groupings for grades Pre K-6
 2:00 PM – Bell to signal end of instructional day.
 2:10 PM -  Announcements, and students dismissed as buses arrive.
 2:15 PM - Dismissal for students who walk.  Children in Latch Key go to the gym.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Students attending St. Mary’s Catholic School have the following rights:

  • To be treated in a Christ-like manner
  • To attend school and receive an appropriate education
  • To attend school and school functions without fear of injury or threats
  • To attend classes without being disturbed by others
  • To eat and have time for recreation in a safe area
  • To have the use of textbooks,  library resources, and other materials provided by the school
  • To receive safe transportation to and from school
  • To receive help relating to learning, health, and personal problems from the school staff
  • To be allowed to address the Board of Education on the same terms as any citizen
  • To organize new or additional activities under school guidelines, including having a supervisor of such activities
  • To participate in any and all student extra-curricular activities in accordance with established criteria 
  • To state his/her opinion in a polite way to staff or administration without fear of punishment
  • To present his/her version of the facts and circumstances without interruption to a professional staff member before disciplinary action is taken
  • Each student and his/her parent/guardian have the right to be informed of clearly defined rules within the disciplinary process
  • Each student and his/her parent/guardian have the right to an informal conference concerning the disciplinary action taken regarding specific actions
  • Each student has the right to fair, respectful, and consistent treatment

In order to insure that all students have these rights, there are responsibilities that students must maintain.  This is to say that anyone who has rights also has responsibilities:

  • To be Christ-like in dealing with others
  • To attend school; to be on time; to remain until dismissal; to bring a written excuse for absence and tardiness
  • To use class time for learning; to prepare thoroughly for class; to participate in class; to respect the authority of the teacher; to follow class procedures
  • To respect the rights of others in the class and on school grounds
  • To use textbooks, library, and other class materials with care, and to return them on time and in good condition
  • To follow school rules relating to bus and private transportation
  • To attempt to maintain good mental and physical health and seek help when necessary
  • To follow proper procedures when addressing the school staff, principal, and pastor
  • To respect and follow the established guidelines for the creation of new activities
  • To tell the whole truth
  • To obey all school rules and regulations
  • To be timely about conferences
  • To act responsibly and in good faith toward members of the school



Text Books & Book Bags

The hard-covered textbooks belong to the school. The care of textbooks is the responsibility of the student and homeroom teacher. the student is responsible for loss or any major damage. All books must be covered to protect them. All students should use a sturdy book bag to protect books, papers and homework.


Formal Testing

St. Mary's School administers test in various areas of learning that are required by the New York State Department of Education. All test designated by New York State Department of Education to be given at different grade elementary levels are carefully administered. Presently New York State assessments in Language Arts and Math are given to students in the third through sixth grades.

In addition, St. Mary's School administers other standardized tests. In the third and fifth grades a test of cognitive abilities is administered. In the third and sixth grades in Catholic schools a standardized assessment of religious instruction is given. Results of testing and assessment are recorded in each student's profile chart.

Four Marking Periods for Grades K-6

Starting and Closing Times for Four Quarters of Marking Periods for Report Cards are as follows...

#1:  Sep. 06 – Nov. 07

#2:  Nov. 08 – Jan. 27   

#3:  Jan. 30– April 7

#4:  April 10 – Jun 16

Within a few days after the closing of each period, report cards will be distributed.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

At the end of the first marking period, all teachers will schedule a conference with parents.  A note will be sent home to set the date and time.  Other conferences will be scheduled during the year as needed by the teacher or parent.


Report Cards

Report cards are distributed in every grade a few days after the end of each of four marking periods.



Contact SMS

(315) 386-3572

2 Powers Street
Canton, NY 13617