Student Quotes

  • "St. Mary's School is phenomenal because everybody is friendly and they care about each other. St. Mary's is awesome because we learn, we play, and you have fun activities to do like research reports and go to math club and reading buddies."
    4th grade Student

  • "I love St. Mary's because Jesus is in my heart. I learn how to read. I meet new friends and the teachers care about me."
    Kindergarten Student

  • "We get one to one attention. We learn to never give up, we always try our best."
    2/3 Multiage Student


  • Knights of Columbus weekly Monday Night BINGO at 7:00PM!



*Medical Form*


If a student needs to take ANY medication, prescription or non-prescription medications, during the school day, it is necesdary for  a parent/guardian to provide the school with his/her written permision AND a written signed order form the child's physician. This includes the name of medication, dosage (amount), times to be given and any side effects to note.

Unless the doctor's directions state that the medications are to be self-administered, the medications will be kept in a safe location and recorded when taken by the student.

Usually it can be arranged, with careful timing for administering, so that the student will not need to take the medication during school sessions.

Contact the office if there are questions or problems.

These regulations apply to all students in school in New York State.

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