Student Quotes

  • "St. Mary's School is phenomenal because everybody is friendly and they care about each other. St. Mary's is awesome because we learn, we play, and you have fun activities to do like research reports and go to math club and reading buddies."
    4th grade Student

  • "I love St. Mary's because Jesus is in my heart. I learn how to read. I meet new friends and the teachers care about me."
    Kindergarten Student

  • "We get one to one attention. We learn to never give up, we always try our best."
    2/3 Multiage Student


  • Knights of Columbus weekly Monday Night BINGO at 7:00PM!



Presented at St. Mary’s School, Canton by Dr. Dana Barry and Mr. Jim Barry


The Pre-K through First Grade students learned about sound, which results when something vibrates such as a plucked guitar string. They listened to various sounds and compared their pitches (highness and lowness of the sounds).  The group sang “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and then used musical combs (composed of a comb and a piece of paper) to play the song. Finally they produced the sounds of the farm’s chickens by using plastic cups, string, and water.


The Second through Sixth Grade students enjoyed what seemed to be magical mathematics. They changed a cross into a square and made a mobius (a one-sided loop), which is often used in knitting. This activity involved paper and scissors. Also the group learned about the human eye and optical illusions. They actually used magnifiers to examine their partner’s eye parts.

dr barry and the comb

dr barry and the eye

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