Student Quotes

  • "St. Mary's School is phenomenal because everybody is friendly and they care about each other. St. Mary's is awesome because we learn, we play, and you have fun activities to do like research reports and go to math club and reading buddies."
    4th grade Student

  • "I love St. Mary's because Jesus is in my heart. I learn how to read. I meet new friends and the teachers care about me."
    Kindergarten Student

  • "We get one to one attention. We learn to never give up, we always try our best."
    2/3 Multiage Student


  • Knights of Columbus weekly Monday Night BINGO at 7:00PM!

Code of Conduct

Let it be known to all who enter
St. Mary’s School and its properties, the following code of behavior is expected.

That all people regardless of age be extended the courtesy of:

  • Respect (It is understood that each person has been made in the image and likeness of God. Thus they deserve to be treated with honesty and acknowledged for the value they have as people as well as for the gifts they share with us, whatever those gifts might be.)
  • Safety (We will look out for each other and protect each other’s person as well as reputation to ensure an environment that is reliable, nurturing, and fair.)
  • Promoting the Positive (Only words which extend hope and encouragement towards one another will be exchanged between people of all ages, at all times, in all places.)

  • Gentleness (That all will seek to make this a peaceful place and treat others in a way which truly reflects Christ.)

As a body in Christ, we also strive to foster the understanding that we are part of a bigger picture. Therefore, the people present here regardless of age, will work to put forth intentional efforts to be giving of themselves to others in humble service, love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness in order to make this St. Mary’s School a place which truly stands on holy ground.

Message to Our Parents:

Please review and discuss these expectations with your child(ren).   We ask that you please download this printable version of our Code of Conduct and kindly return the signed letter to the school office

We highly encourage you to keep a printed copy of our code at home so that our students know everyone is working from the “same page”.  Thank you.

Contact SMS

(315) 386-3572

2 Powers Street
Canton, NY 13617